The Benefits of Sliding Wardrobes vs Standard Wardrobes

When it comes to selecting the ideal wardrobe for your bedroom, the debate between sliding wardrobes and fitted wardrobes is a common dilemma faced by homeowners. Each offers distinct advantages and can transform both the aesthetic and practicality of a space. In this detailed guide, we’ll delve into the benefits of sliding wardrobes in comparison to their fitted counterparts, aiding you in making a well-informed choice for your home.

What Distinguishes Sliding Wardrobes?

Space Efficiency
Sliding wardrobes are celebrated for their space-saving attributes. Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors don’t necessitate extra space to open, making them perfect for smaller areas or compact bedrooms. This design allows for greater freedom in room layout and furniture arrangement.

Contemporary Design
With their sleek and modern appearance, sliding wardrobes offer a contemporary look that can blend seamlessly into any bedroom design. Their minimalist tracks and the absence of outward-opening doors contribute to a tidy and uncluttered room aesthetic.

Customisation and Flexibility
One of the most significant benefits of sliding wardrobes is the capacity for customisation. From the dimensions and finish to the interior compartments, you can tailor every aspect to meet your storage needs and personal taste.

Accessibility and Visibility
Sliding wardrobes can be crafted with broader doors, providing superior visibility and access to the contents within. This equates to less time rummaging for items and more time enjoying your organised space.

Classic Elegance
Fitted wardrobes, typically featuring hinged doors, are the conventional choice and bring a timeless elegance to any bedroom. They can be crafted to fit into any space, including awkward nooks or beneath sloped ceilings, ensuring no area goes unused.

Full Access
A key advantage of fitted wardrobes is the ability to open all doors at once, offering complete access to the entire wardrobe. This makes viewing and selecting items straightforward and effortless.

Variety in Design
Fitted wardrobes are available in an extensive array of designs, materials, and finishes. Whether you have a penchant for a natural wood finish or a painted surface, there’s a style to complement every bedroom décor.

Durability and Maintenance
Hinged doors on fitted wardrobes are generally sturdy and simple to maintain. If a door becomes misaligned, it’s usually an easy fix to tighten or replace the hinges, whereas sliding doors may require more intricate adjustments.

Comparing Storage Solutions

When weighing up sliding wardrobes against fitted wardrobes, contemplate the following:

  • Storage Capacity: Sliding wardrobes often extend from floor to ceiling, offering more vertical storage space.
  • Ease of Use: Sliding doors demand less physical effort to operate, which can be advantageous for those with mobility concerns.
  • Aesthetic: Sliding wardrobes tend to have a more modern appeal, whilst fitted wardrobes can range from contemporary to traditional.
  • Installation: Fitted wardrobes may necessitate more precise measurements and installation, particularly in rooms with uneven walls or floors.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home

The decision between a sliding wardrobe and fitted wardrobes ultimately boils down to personal preference, spatial considerations, and storage necessities. Sliding wardrobes are an excellent choice for those seeking to conserve space and add a modern touch to their bedroom. Conversely, fitted wardrobes offer a classic allure and the practicality of full access to your belongings.

Before settling on your choice, consider the following:

  • Room Layout: Assess the area where the wardrobe will be situated and determine if sliding doors would enhance the room’s functionality.
  • Design Preferences: Decide whether you favour the sleek lines of sliding doors or the traditional look of fitted wardrobes.
  • Budget: Take into account the cost, as bespoke sliding wardrobes can be pricier than standard fitted options.
  • Longevity: Consider how long you plan to utilise the wardrobe and whether your needs might evolve over time.


Both sliding and fitted wardrobes have their rightful place in the contemporary home, each offering unique benefits. By considering your space, style, and storage requirements, you can opt for the choice that best complements your way of life. Remember, the right wardrobe not only organises your possessions but also transforms the look and feel of your bedroom.


Q: Are sliding wardrobes more expensive than standard ones? A: While sliding wardrobes might have a higher initial cost due to their mechanism, they offer long-term value in terms of durability and space-saving benefits.

Q: Can I customise the interiors of a sliding wardrobe? A: Absolutely! Sliding wardrobes offer flexibility in interior design, allowing for custom shelving, hanging spaces, and drawer configurations.

Q: Do sliding wardrobes fit in older homes? A: Yes, sliding wardrobes can be designed to fit in homes of any age, complementing both modern and traditional interiors.

Q: How do I maintain the sliding mechanism? A: Regular cleaning of the tracks and occasional lubrication ensures smooth operation. Skön Design provides maintenance guidelines for all our products.

In conclusion, while both sliding and standard wardrobes have their merits, the modern aesthetics, space-saving design, and customisation options of sliding wardrobes make them a top choice for many Irish homeowners. If you’re considering a wardrobe upgrade, Skön Design’s range of sliding wardrobes offers the perfect blend of functionality and style. Thank you for supporting a local family-run Irish business. We’re here to transform your storage solutions!

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