SKON Process

Step 1

Choose how many Sliding Doors you need?

Our team will measure the area and advise you on how many doors you will need to fill your space.

Step 2

Choose your layout. We have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Our clients are paramount, we ensure that all layouts are custom-designed with their needs in mind.

SKON Process

Step 3

Choose your Sliding Door Panel Design. We have a huge section of coloured glass, mirrors, and wood for you to choose from.

The products manufactured at SKÖN are entirely made to measure for the area they are being installed. With standard sized doors, we understand there can be limitations for space. We provide a huge selection of wood, coloured glass, and mirror allowing us to also design door panels that are specific to your desires. Our gallery is filled with our most requested designs and we are sure you will find plenty of inspiration by checking it out.

Stage 3

Step 4

Choose your Frame Colour

Choose from champagne, ivory, silver or white.
We have exclusivity to our aluminium frames. The anti roll, soft glide technology is one of a kind.


Book your installation. Sit back and relax and let us do the rest!

We will work with you to select a fitting date. When entering your home, we are very respectful not to cause any disruption. Our fitters will clean and wipe down your new SKÖN unit and vacuum the area in which they were working. Hygiene is very important to us and we take all measures to ensure a clean safe environment for all.